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We ARE the MANUFACTURER, so we have complete control over the design and quality of our products. We stand behind our products and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our reach is International! We have plants in the United States, China, India and Mexico. We’re widely recognized for continually designing innovative, labor-saving products that provide economical solutions to common installation problems and can custom design and manufacture products to your specifications.

We manufacture and private label for leading industry brands! You may not know our name, but you definitely know our products!

Our friendly, knowledgeable & technically skilled sales staff understands your business needs and is ready to serve you.


Our History

Although there have been many exciting inventions that have shaped the course of the electrical industry, none has been more significant than Thomas Edison's incandescent candle (light bulb) in 1879.

Fourteen years later, Thomas Edison unveiled his new invention to the world in Chicago, Illinois at the Columbian Exposition of 1893. That summer, Mr. Edison and a crew of several hundred men constructed a network of over 92,000 incandescent lamps that lit up the mid-western night and brightened the shores of Lake Michigan. Working with Thomas Edison that evening was a young Irish Immigrant named Samuel Suffrin Garvin. Like many immigrants in the late 1800's Sam had left the poverty of his homeland to seek prosperity in the United States.

Sam Garvin experimented with many of Mr. Edison's inventions first hand and soon decided to pursue a career in the electrical industry by establishing his own company. Three years later, Sam Garvin & Company was known by many as Chicago's premier electrical manufacturer and regional expert in wiring homes and businesses for electric power.

While a youthful Sam Garvin & Co. had to stock only a few hundred electrical components at the turn of the century to satisfy his clientele, today Garvin Industries manufactures and stocks thousands of items to meet modern electrical needs nationwide. But we still retain that "small-family-business" spirit serving both local and national distributors with the care and concern that has allowed us to thrive for well over a century.

At GarvinIndustries.com, customer service is essential. We know that our customers are the most important people in our business. Our goal is to become your primary supplier of commercial, industrial, and residential electrical supplies. We base our success on three "key" areas: a quality product, factory direct pricing, and a friendly, knowledgeable sales staff that understands your business needs. We also understand that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our continued success is dependent on your satisfaction.