Multi-Gang Box Covers & Accessories

Partition/Divider for 1-5/8 in. Deep Multi-Gang Box with a Flat Cover

SKU: GBP-158-F Model: GBP-158-F
Partitions/dividers for multi-gang boxes are used to separate low voltage and electrical power devices when they are installed next to each other in a multi-gang box. Flat dividers create a shield between power and low voltage signals that prevents electrical interference and disturbance all the way up to the finished surface.

Features & Benefits

  • UL, CUL, RoHS Compliant


Stock # GBP-158-F GBP-158-F
Model # GBP-158-F GBP-158-F
UPC # 785592109798 785592109798
Product Height 0.06 0.15 inch cm
Product Width 1.06 2.69 inch cm
Product Length/Depth 4.5 11.43 inch cm
Product Weight 0.13 0.06 lbs kg
Weight UOM LB LB
Box Depth 1-5/8" 1-5/8"
Color Silver Silver
Size For Box Depth 1-5/8 in.; Flat Cover For Box Depth 1-5/8 in.; Flat Cover
Special Features Separates power and low voltage Separates power and low voltage