Handy Box Covers

Oversized Handy Box Cover - Blank

SKU: G20290 Model: G20290
Oversized handy box covers are designed specifically to fix oversized handy boxes. Various covers are available to accommodate a wide range for wiring device types and styles.

Features & Benefits

  • Captive cover screws for easy installation


Stock # G20290 G20290
Model # G20290 G20290
UPC # 785592987488 785592987488
Product Height 0.2 0.51 inch cm
Product Width 0.14 0.36 inch cm
Product Length/Depth 0.24 0.61 inch cm
Product Weight 0.1 0.05 lbs kg
Weight UOM LB LB
Color Silver Silver
Size Blank Blank
Special Features Includes captive screws Includes captive screws