Concrete Rings & Covers

Octagon Concrete Box, 3" Deep - Welded W/ Conduit KO's

SKU: OCR-300341 Model: OCR-300341
Octagon concrete boxes are used in poured concrete construction. They are installed on wooden or steel concrete forms, once the forms are removed the boxes and conduit are buried in concrete and the end is open to the room wall or ceiling, ready for wire pulling.

Features & Benefits

  • Extra long external mounting tabs allow easy installation by nailing or screwing the boxes to wooden or steel concrete forms
  • Knockouts are sealed against box surface to prevent concrete slurry and water from entering the box
  • The top covers are removable allowing any before-pour work (sold separately)


Stock # OCR-300341 OCR-300341
Model # OCR-300341 OCR-300341
UPC # 785592991904 785592991904
Product Height 0.61 1.55 inch cm
Product Width 0.81 2.06 inch cm
Product Length/Depth 0.51 1.30 inch cm
Product Weight 0.75 0.34 lbs kg
Weight UOM LB LB
Box Depth 3" 3"
Color Silver Silver
Cubic Capacity 37.0 (606.3) 37.0 (606.3)
Knockouts (4) 3/4 in. and (4) 1 in. Side Knockouts (4) 3/4 in. and (4) 1 in. Side Knockouts
Size 3 in. Box Depth 3 in. Box Depth