4" Square Boxes and Extensions

4" Square Concrete Slab Box, 3-1/2" Deep - Welded, W/Conduit KO's

SKU: 52181-1-SPKR Model: 52181-1-SPKR
4" square boxes are used to distribute power to a number of electrical devices where multiple conductor runs are split into two or more directions. Concrete slab boxes are a perfect choice for deep devices, or life safety appliances such as speakers, strobes, and horns.

Features & Benefits

  • External tabs allow installer to nail/screw boxes to forms for stability during concrete pour
  • Labor saving design eliminates need to install extension rings to accommodate deeper devices
  • Raised Ground
  • Combination Phillips/Slotted screw heads.


Stock # 52181-1-SPKR 52181-1-SPKR
Model # 52181-1-SPKR 52181-1-SPKR
UPC # 785592126139 785592126139
Product Height 2.13 5.41 inch cm
Product Width 4.69 11.91 inch cm
Product Length/Depth 7.5 19.05 inch cm
Product Weight 0.94 0.43 lbs kg
Weight UOM LB LB
Box Depth 3-1/2" 3-1/2"
Color Silver Silver
Cubic Capacity 50.0 (819.4) 50.0 (819.4)
Knockouts (8) 1 in. Side Knockouts (8) 1 in. Side Knockouts
Special Features Raised Ground and concrete tight ko's on bottom Raised Ground and concrete tight ko's on bottom