Flex MCAC Fittings

2" Anti-Short Bushing - Non-Metallic

SKU: ASB-8 Model: ASB-8
Place between wire and armored sheath to prevent damage to wire insulation

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for installations at temperatures as low as -40 deg C
  • Bright red color
  • Non-metallic, plastic
  • UL Listed
  • For Use With: 4-250MCM, 4-300MCM, 4-350MCM, 4-400MCM, 4-450MCM, 4-500MCM, 3-350MCM, 3-400MCM, 3-450MCM, 3-500MCM, 2-400MCM, 2-450MCM, 2-500MCM


Stock # ASB-8 ASB-8
Model # ASB-8 ASB-8
UPC # 785592983169 785592983169
Product Height 2.6 6.60 inch cm
Product Width 2.6 6.60 inch cm
Product Length/Depth 1.2 3.05 inch cm
Product Weight 0.019 0.01 lbs kg
Weight UOM LB LB
Size 2 in. 2 in.
Special Features For 4-250MCM,4-300MCM,4-350MCM,4-400MCM,4-450MCM,4-500MCM,3-350MCM,3-400MCM,3-450MCM,3-500MCM,2-400MCM,2-450MCM,2-500MCM For 4-250MCM,4-300MCM,4-350MCM,4-400MCM,4-450MCM,4-500MCM,3-350MCM,3-400MCM,3-450MCM,3-500MCM,2-400MCM,2-450MCM,2-500MCM


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