Solid Cover Plate for unused 6" & 7" Recessed Can Lights

  • $ 15.99 ea.

    Item #: CBC-800


Retail Price Each $15.99
Std Packaging 25
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This 8" Diameter white recessed can light "blank-up" plate is used to cover the exposed hole left in the ceiling by un-used & abandoned recessed can lights. They cover the entire fixture hole and prevent heat loss and risk of shock if the socket is energized and open. Smooth white powder coated finish blends with white ceiling paint for an attractive appearance in any finished space. The tapered, 1/4” outside edge seals tightly to the ceiling surface and prevents heat loss through the ceiling light fixture. EASY INSTALLATION: 1. screw the non-conductive threaded hub & spring into the light bulb socket 2. Pull down spring and attach cover plate...spring tension holds cover plate tight to ceiling surface.