Split Grounding Bushings

Split grounding bushings are designed for use on conduits that require grounding wires for proper installation according to NEC regulations. Split bushing may be used on EMT, rigid conduit and IMC conduits. Their versatile grounding lug positioning and two-screw "clamp-on" action ensures a super tight bond between the pipe, bushing and ground conductor.

Garvin Industries’ split grounding bushing design allows ground bushings to be clamped around existing conduits. Our new "SGB" series saves countless labor hours and ensures that power stays on while the grounding bushing is installed. Split bushing for EMT is similar to regular bushing, but with its hinged base, fits easily around pipes and conduits before and after wire pulls. This bushing is also compatible with threaded rigid conduits and IMC conduits. Additionally, the split bushing versatile lay-in ground lug can be mounted in multiple spots on bushings for ease of ground wire installation. Split grounding bushings feature dual-rated aluminum grounding lugs that may be used with both copper and aluminum grounding conductors. Versatile ground lug positioning allows for easy field modifications.

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